How Big Of A Generator Do I Need?

A generator is your best companion when you don’t have grid power but since it has to work many of your electrical appliances. The generator must have a proper loading capacity and size for it to be successfully able to handle your appliances.

When generator size/ capacity and wattage of your electrical appliances don’t match it runs at a risk of overloading. Generators can be overloaded also when it has been running for a very long duration and is loaded sufficiently. Why you need to be wary of overloading is because it can damage your electrical equipment as well as your generator.

What Size Generator Do I Need image
What Size Generator Do I Need image

Generator Size Chart

So, whenever you are planning to buy a generator make sure to ask yourself the question- “How Much Power Do I Need?” or “How Big Of A Generator Do I Need?” when you ask yourself these questions, you must also aware of the wattage that is used by the appliances in your house. So that you are able to buy Inverter generator that aptly fits your power requirement. To aid you with this, most generator companies post on their unit a Generator Size Chart that precisely directs you in choosing the right sized- generator.

To calculate the number of Watts a house would use, you will first have to learn about the amperage or wattage of all the electrical appliances and outlets that you want to be powered by the generator. Get a total of all the gathered wattage and that would be the lower limit for your generator. Its upper limit should be well above the combined wattage of all the appliances and outlets for them to work properly and comfortably without overloading the generator. As easy as it may sound, the process of doing the above is not that easy. So, let us learn how one can size their generator-

What Size Generator Do I Need?

The generator size is not its physical dimension but its power output. Here is a step- by step- a guide for you to size up your generator correctly-

  • First of all, know the electrical appliances and power outlets you want to get connected to and powered by the generator.
  • Now, carefully inspect all these appliances and note down their starting and running wattage. As the appliance will consume once it has been running for a few minutes. The starting wattage of a generator is its surge or peak wattage.
  • Now, you simply have to add all the starting wattages as they set the lower limit of the generator. For example, you want to get your hairdryer, washing machine and television run by your generator. The sum of these is supposedly 20kW/15kW where the total starting wattage of all these appliances is 20kW and running is 15kW. You will now need a generator that offers at least 25kW of power to comfortably power these appliances without you having the generator overloading.

So, the power your house will need depends on the starting power of all the electrical appliances you want to be powered by the generator.

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