What Is Inverter Generator and How Does It Work?

If you broadly classify all the generators, there are two major types you are going to distinguish? one is a conventional generator, and the other is an Inverter generator. Though conventional generators are the most used type and they have been around the market for quite a long time now, inverter generators are way more advanced and reliable at the same time. 

Moreover, unlike conventional generators, most of the inverter generators are portable and ready to transport to anywhere. Basically, in simple words, inverter generators are extremely efficient with the capabilities of charging. All the sensitive gadgets and appliances, with minimum power distortion.

What Is An Inverter Generator image
What Is An Inverter Generator image

What is an Inverter Generator?

In simple words, an inverter generator is a particular type of machine which comes with advanced inverter technology. Unlike conventional ones, inverter generators output AC currents. However, before that, the power was first converted to DC and again “inverted” to AC. And that is from what it got its name as well. The primary objective of these inverter generators is to provide surge free, continuous power to all the appliances. The supplying distortion-free, constant power is what plays a major role in the popularity of this particular type of generator. 

Portable Inverter Generators

Portable inverter generators are what is chiefly meant for outdoor purposes. Conventional generators are truly efficient and reliable, yet extremely huge and heavy-weight at the same time. So, for outdoor purposes, like hiking and trekking and activities like camping, it is straightaway difficult to take those for power supply. To solve this particular problem, manufacturers came up with these portable inverter generators, which are extremely powerful and efficient like those conventional ones but in a comparatively smaller size and less weight. These portable generators designed in such a way that it can transport to almost all types of terrains. 

Moreover, to save a lot more fuel than the conventional ones, inverter generators initiate with very low fuel intake, which eventually increases as more power is needed. The ultimate efficiency of any inverter generators lies in the fact that they use only that much amount of fuel, which is necessary to generate the required amount of power only.

How Inverter Generators Work?

The basic mechanism of any generator depends on the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical power. The portable inverter generator is equipped with powerful engines, run by either gasoline or propane or diesel. The engine turns on the alternator in the generator, which eventually produces the AC. Now, the mechanism of portable inverter generators is a bit different than the conventional ones, as they combine two of the most advanced working principles of any generator. The initial power generation in any portable generator chiefly depends on the frequency and energy speed of that particular generator model. It means, with increased energy speed, the frequency of the initial power generation also increases

Why do i need a Portable Inverter Generator?

Other than their overall efficiency and how they work, there are some other major reasons, which also plays a major role in the popularity of this particular machine. Some of the reasons include:

  • Best possible quality power: Now, as inverter generators promise a surge and disruption-free, continuous power, the quality of it seems pretty exactly the same as what we get from the main power source. 
  • Easy to carry around: The portable inverter generators are extremely compact and lightweight, hence carrying them to all those outdoor activities like camping and hiking, etc., is not a tough job anymore. Moreover, most of the portable generators also consist of an ergonomic handle, which makes the carrying process way easier as well.
  • Fuel-efficiency: Most of the best quality portable generators equipped with an advanced technology Eco-throttle. Which enables the generator to automatically adjust the engine speed, to produce the exact amount of power needed at a specific point of time. Some surveys that portable inverter generators consume 40% less fuel than any conventional machine.
  • Noise-less: most of the portable inverter generators produce way less noise when functioning than any other conventional generator model. Due to Eco-throttle technology, as the in-built engine is not running and it also minimizes noise output. Along with the Eco-throttle mechanism, some other portable inverter generators are also in the market, which also comes with an added sound dampening covering over the engines, which further reduces the noise output.
  • Capable of parallel connections: one of the premium features of any inverter generators is that they can establish a parallel connection to other generators of the same manufacturer. There are some situations when the cumulative power requirement is higher than the single generator capacity. In such cases, the existing portable generators can establish a parallel connection to double up the cumulative power output instantly.


So, for the next time, when you are planning to invest in the back-up option for your home or any other spaces, do consider the portable inverter generators. They may be a bit pricier than those conventional generators. However, all those advantages and benefits of that particular type make it all worth the money. Moreover, in the end, you are going to get a clean and distortion-free power supply all day long. 

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