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Westinghouse WGen5500 Review 2020

Most people would think that buying a portable generator is extra spending, but think of a scenario where power has gone out, and you are not even able to charge your phone. This is when you need a backup generator or a portable one if the power doesn’t go out often. Here we are introducing the Best Generator For Camping in this section.

Westinghouse WGen5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator Details

 The ones who go camping a lot would know what I am talking about. When you have no power source to charge your devices, that is when you realize the importance of having a portable generator. The Best Portable Generator for home you usually see are packed like a battery, but there are others as well, which can generate more power and supply the same to you as well. A good size portable generator can be a lifesaver when you are out there. They are usually fuel-powered and give you a long usage time. One such good example of the same is the Westinghouse Wgen5500 Portable Generator. Now let’s know more about this one with the help of following Westinghouse Wgen5500 Review with pros and cons.

Westinghouse WGen5500 Features

The Westinghouse Wgen5500 Portable Generator has a fuel tank of 6.6 gallons, and it runs for about 14 hours when you use it efficiently. This gives you about 2 hours for each gallon of the fuel you have put in. This is a very great output that you are getting here for the money you will be spending on the fuel and also for the time. You can easily have it as your backup generator, which will easily get you through any power outages or when you are outdoors.

Most portable generators are small and compact but don’t deliver on the wattage part, which is exactly where the Westinghouse 5500 Generator excels. It has a great output of 6850 watts at peak time and an output of 5500 watts running. This is great and can easily power many appliances in your house. It can easily become the backup generator for the ones you might have plugged into your house for regular use.

One thing that any brand selling a generator of this size has to have in its design is the safety of use. The Westinghouse 5500 Watt Generator has been designed with enhanced safety generators. Two interrupters in it protect you from accidental damage to the machine and any injury to yourself. Its circuit breakers have been installed to ensure that your devices are also protected when connected to it.

As mentioned in Westinghouse 5500 Generator Review, It is a surprising feature to see in a portable generator of this size, but a very useful feature to have. When you operate the Westinghouse Wgen5500 Gas Powered Generator, the noise produced is as much as a vacuum cleaner would produce. This is possible because of the presence of a muffler that has been installed in it. The noise operation levels stay down to 72 db only, which allows you to have a conversation without shouting.

Being the Best portable generator, the Westinghouse Outdoor Generator must be durably built, which the WGEN5500 is. The cast iron sleeve it has been built into, ensuring that no matter where you take it, the system stays put. The steel construction is what gives it that extra edge above all the generators made in plastic. Regular maintenance will further help you use the product for years to come.


Specification Name Value
Model no
Start type
27.3 x 26.2 x 26.2 inches
107 pounds
Engine size
420 cc
Running Wattage
5,500 Watts
Running time
Up to 20 Hours
Power Source
Gasoline Only
Choke Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
6.6 Gallons
3-Year Limited Warranty





What is the difference between WH5500 and WGen5500 Westinghouse generators?

The basic difference between WH5500 and WGen5500 westinghouse is the power watt used and the running hours differ too for the both of them.

Does the Westinghouse WGen5500 remote start also engage the choke mechanism?

Yes, the Westinghouse WGen5500 involves the choke mechanism.

Is Westinghouse WGen5500 a dual fuel machine?

Yes, it will either use propane or gasoline.

Which type of oil does Westinghouse WGen5500 use?

Both synthetic and conventional oil would work fine with the generator.

How long does Westinghouse WGen5500 run on propane?

The run time is less on propane, which is around 11 hours maximum.


The WGEN5500 is one of the most affordable and Best Westinghouse Generator For Sale at the moment. This Westinghouse Wgen5500 Review suggested it for homes, even if used judiciously. The brand has been known to deliver such high output generators for a long time with innovative features that work according to our convenience. The same is WGEN5500. It has been designed to be a reliable power source when in an emergency. The wheels attached to it are a great add on, considering it becomes easy to move Westinghouse Inverter Generator around. You can even take it outdoors or use it as an indoor emergency generator, and it has the power to act as both. A control panel has been incorporated in to ensure that you are updated with its performance throughout the time you are using it. This also makes it easier for you to keep a check on the maintenance needed by the generator at regular intervals. It is one of the most popular portable generators out there, which can deliver 5500 running watts. The best thing about Westinghouse 5500 Watt Generator is ready to be used as soon as it is out of the box. I Hope this Westinghouse Wgen5500 Review will help you to know more about this best portable generator.

The Westinghouse 5500 Generator has been designed to be the perfect back up generator whenever needed. As soon as you plug it in, all your appliances will be running in no time, and even something like a microwave can be run using this generator. The reason so many people are using it today is that it has a long run of almost 14 hours, and that is one full power. If you were to use the same somewhere, where less power is needed, it would easily go for 20 hours and more. There are no ports in it for devices because of the output it has, but you can do a lot more by connecting everything functional in your home.


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