Westinghouse iGen4200 Gas Powered Generator – Well known for its Durability & Quitness!

Westinghouse iGen4200 Review 2023

Though previously generators were considered as those appliances, which were only being used in commercial and industrial purposes, the sudden onset of the natural calamities around the globes and sudden power outages, makes it an integral part of every household as well. It is always a wise choice to have a generator handy, because who does not indulge the fact of having a continuous source of electricity all year long. As fall is approaching, it is high time for camping in the woods, so have a reliable power source right by your side is not a bad idea after all. And as most of the leading generators are compatible with RV’s connecting them on the campsite becomes much more accessible.

Westinghouse Hybrid Open Frame Gas Powered Inverter Generator

We are going to discuss Westinghouse Igen4200 Review about an Inverter generator for your home. Now, why to choose an Inverter generator over the other variations? The answer to the question is lies in the fact that inverter generators are equipped with built-in inverters, hence the electricity they produce is much more stable than any other variations. As a stabilize electric flow results in a safe output, hence these types of generators are extremely reliable with many sensitive appliances such as laptops, smartphones, television, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

This Westinghouse Igen4200 Review is focusing on the detailed discussion of all the important features and also a cumulative advantage and disadvantage of the machine as well. the primary objective of this Westinghouse Igen4200 Hybrid Inverter Generator review is to bring you a clear picture of this Westinghouse Igen4200 Gas Powered Generator to make it easier for you to decide what generator to invest in.


  • Pretty Decent Running Wattage
  • Minimum Thd Due To Advanced Inverter Technology
  • Multiple Output Makes This Machine A True Versatile One.
  • Powerful Engine.
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Extremely Noiseless
  • Several Indicative Features Are Included For Users Convenience.
  • Innovative Design
  • Portable, Hence Easy To Carry Around

1. Pretty decent running wattage

Westinghouse generators are anyway known for providing it’s user a whopping amount of safe and secure electricity, and this model is no difference at all. Comprises of 4200 peak watts and 3500 rated watts, this Westinghouse Igen4200 Inverter Generator is strong enough to run all the essential home and kitchen appliances when it is necessary. This Westinghouse Igen4200 Hybrid Inverter Generator is Boasted with advanced hybrid technology, which is durable and extremely efficient at the same time.

2. Minimum Thd Due To Advanced Inverter Technology

The Stands For Total Harmonic Distortion, Which Is Defined As The Total Degree Of Distortion Within The Electrical Circuit In Comparison To The What Is Considered Ideal. In Simple Terms, It Is The Total Distortion Between The Input And The Output Of The Generator’s Current Supply. The More Distortion Percentage Means More Fluctuations In The Electricity Flowing. It Is Now Coming To This Westinghouse 3500w Gas Powered Generator As It Is Equipped With State-of-the-art Inverter Technology, Which Keeps The Distortion Percentage Below 3%. So, Using This Generator To Power All The Sensitive And Electronic Appliances And Gadgets Gets Extremely Secure As There Is No Possible Fluctuation In The Power Supply Is Recorded.

3. Multiple outputs

The Westinghouse Igen4200 3500w Portable Inverter Generator equipped with 5- 20R 120-volt duplex outlets, one Tt-30 Amp outlet, and 2 USB ports. this particular powerhouse can be attached with almost any type of machines or appliances or even smaller gadgets, which are a necessity in both household and commercial workspaces. Now whereas the 120 V outlets are truly intended for household connections, the Tt-30amp one is solely for RVs. So, camping outside is becomes way easier and hassle-free as you need not worry about the continuous power source anymore, as you have this versatile and one of the best RV generators by your side.

4. Powerful Engine

Now The Engine Of This Westinghouse Igen 4200 Hybrid Inverter Generator Is Potent And Also Makes The Primary Difference Between This Best Quiet Portable Generator From Westinghouse And The Other Generators From The Same Genre. Comprises Of A 212 Cc 4 Stroke Ohv Engine, It Is Powered On Gas, Hence Extremely Eco-friendly As Does Not Emit So Much Harmful Fumes. Moreover, As This Westinghouse Hybrid Frame Inverter Generator Is Specifically Made Ideal For Outside Usage, The Engine Is So Precisely Built That It Will Give Its Optimal Performance, Even During The Cold Winter Months.

5. Fuel efficient

comprises of a 2.6 gallon of a fuel tank, this Westinghouse iGen 4200 gas powered portable generator can run for a continuous 18 hours over a full tank of gasoline. A perfect eco-friendly option to all of those diesel-powered generator variants, this Westinghouse one is not only saves a lot of money on fuel, but also saves some time as frequent refueling of the tank is not required.

6. Extremely noiseless

there is a generic notion about Best Generator Under 500 Dollars which are there among the majority of people, who think generators are extremely loud. And this idea is pretty on point about those old school models. But now, most of the manufacturers found a solution to this particular problem, and make their flagship models extremely noiseless. The Westinghouse iGen 4200 inverter generator also falls under the “noiseless” category, and the total amount of noise is calculated as 62 dB only. Now running portable generator in the backyard does not hamper all your family moments and chats anymore.

7. Several indicative features

Along with all those powerful motors and fuel-efficiency performance, some small and precise features are also included in this particular inverter generator, which makes it easier and convenient for the user to use the beast. Such features are included low-oil shutoff, which automatically shuts down the inverter when the gas level crosses the lowest bar. This particular generator offers Protection to overload, which increases the safety of both the appliance connected and the generator itself.

8. Innovative design

one can get the advantage of both worlds with this particular Westinghouse iGen 4200 gas-powered hybrid generator, in the literal meaning. With the efficiency and protection of the advanced inverter generator, this particular machine possesses and outlook similar to those strong and sturdy old-school open frame models. Moreover, as the structure is built with a rust-resistant stainless steel frame and all the important parts are housed in equally strong BPA free plastic case. Hence it is strong and durable enough for using outdoor for prolonged periods.

9. Potable hence easy to carry around

apart from being manufactured with strong, sturdy, and durable material, this Best Quiet Portable Generator weighs around 50 pounds only. Also, an ergonomically designed handle is included in the frame for easier carrying of this generator.



  • Manufacturer : Westinghouse
  • Model Number : iGen4200
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 24 x 20.5 x 20 inches
  • Item Weight : 80 Pounds
  • Voltage : 120240
  • Running Watts : 3500 Watts
  • Peak Watts : 4200 watts
  • Thd : <3%
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 2.6 Gallon
  • Runtime : 18 Hours
  • Warranty : 3-years Limited



Follow the steps below to change oil in a Westinghouse iGen 4500-

1. Place a drain pan under the engine
2. Remove the oil drain plug present below the oil filler cap
3. Let the used up oil drain out quickly into the drain pan
4. Fill the oil tank again


Westinghouse iGen can run for about 7 hours on propane.


Westinghouse iGen 1200 is soundless as compared to other generators with a range of 52 dBA.


12 watts is needed to run a water heater with Westinghouse iGen4200 generator. The usual ranges are- 4200 peak watts and 3500 running watts.


82 pounds is the weight of Westinghouse iGen 4200.


Here, I am concluding Westinghouse Igen4200 Review with the hope that it will help all the readers to get a clear idea about this Best portable Generator and what it has stored in the plate to offer. This Westinghouse iGen 4200 hybrid inverter generator is not only considered as one of the best in it I genre but also a pretty efficient one in the entire home generator market. It is strong, powerful, pretty affordable, environment-friendly, comes with a great runtime- in short, this generator is equipped with all those features, one wanted in a great quality machine. So, if it is the time for you to invest in a generator, then this Westinghouse iGen 4200 gas-powered one can be the right choice. Though the $750 may seem pretty expensive to many for a generator that efficient, the deal seems pretty stealing.

Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Open Frame Inverter Generator image

The Westinghouse Igen4200 Gas Powered Generator is an extremely strong and highly powerful inverter generator, which boasts with a 3500 running watts and 4200 peak watts while functioning. Powered by environmentally friendly Gasoline, this Westinghouse 3500w Gas Powered Generator model is equipped with a 2.6 gallon of a fuel tank, and it can run up to 18 hours at a stretch, on a full tank. A sturdy and robust Westinghouse Portable Generator which is designed in such a way that it can last long without any glitch. Comprises of several home and Rv ready, 120 V and 30 Amp output ports along with USB outputs, it makes the Westinghouse 3500w Gas Powered Generator a truly versatile and multifunctional generator. With intelligent features like low-oil shutdown or overload protection, this Westinghouse Igen4200 Hybrid Inverter Generator is something to invest in.


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