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Wen 56200i Review 2020

How many times have you ever felt the need to get yourself a generator? Whether it be for home use or commercial use, like running a food truck, generators can come very handy for places that are frequent to power cuts and power outage. In case your area is prone to cyclone and typhoons, a generator will come very handy to ensure that your family still has the power to run basic needs like lights and fans, chargers, food processors, and induction gas. Even if your area does not face any natural calamity, it still does not hurt a person to get themselves one of the Best Inverter Generator to be on the safe side. Other than that, people who love to travel a lot, like go on camping trips, a generator can come very handy. We are going to review a product that is one of the Best Camping Generators according to various online feedbacks and resources, the Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator. As the name suggests, the Wen 2000 Watt Inverter Generator is a very quiet generator. Lets get in to the Wen 56200i Review now.

WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator Details

In the feedback that I have received regarding it, most people have compared its noise to the sound a person makes while conversing, and it’s that low! Unbelievable, right? But you have to believe us when we say it, as we have tested it for its noise level and found the Wen to be the Best Quiet Portable Generator for Sale. At the peak of its power, this Wen 56200i Super Quiet Inverter Generator can produce up to 2000 surge watts, and at standard run time, it gives 1600 watts. If you are a person in charge of a construction site, then this Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator will be the right choice for you. As it is powerful enough to supply power to the entire area covered by the construction site without any difficulty. Also, if you are worried about whether this inverter generator produces clean power or not, well worry not, as it does produce clean power for your home, campsite, construction site, food truck. You can charge any electronic device with it, such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

WEN 56200i Super Quiet Inverter Generator Features

Noise is a major issue when it comes to using a generator. If you have kids or pets at home, it can be inconvenient for them. Especially pets like a rabbit are quite sensitive to strange noise around them. It might scare them if your generator makes harsh noise. Suppose your baby is sleeping deeply, and the electricity goes off. You have to start the generator, but at the same time, you do not want to make any noise, which will wake up your baby. With the Wen 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator, you can easily do both the things. This generator does not make too much noise. If your baby and the generator are not in the same room, the baby will not even notice the noise created by this generator. It is one of the Best Quiet Portable Generators for Sale, which is available in the current market.

The engine is the backbone of the generator. This is the part that is solely responsible for generating electricity. If the engine is not powerful enough, many disasters can happen. If you connect many devices with the generator and your generator is not capable of providing enough power to all the devices, your devices might get damaged. Many devices, such as bulbs, do not have any safety equipment installed in it. Such devices get damaged instantly if it is not getting enough electrical power. Even devices with safety kit might get damaged as well due to fluctuation in supply. This is a major problem which can cost you a lot of it happens. All this can be avoided if you have a powerful engine generator such as Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator. This generator has an engine of 79.9 cc. The engine solely produces around 2000 surge watts of power at a single time and 1600 rated watt. With the help of this generator, you can assure that all the connected devices will get enough power, and none of your devices will get compromised.

Portability is another issue with the generators. It becomes quite a difficult job when it comes to moving a heavy generator from one place to another. It is not the job of a single man. You will always need assistance while moving a heavy generator. It is not at all convenient if there is an event in which you have to move it. Even when you are cleaning your home or office, you need to move the generator for a thorough cleaning. But due to heaviness, you tend to skip that particular spot rather than moving it for cleaning. With the Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000 Portable Generator, you do not have to put lots of effort to move it. The overall weight of the generator is around 48 pounds. A single man can easily move the generator and take it to the place which he/she desires. Over the top of the generator, the handle is also provided so that it can be lifted. The user can easily lift it with the help of that handle. This feature has made it more convenient to carry it to other places. You have to carry it around places such as construction sites frequently. With this generator, you can easily take it anywhere as you please.

When you use a generator to supply power to your house or office, it can give power to some of your devices. But when you join more devices, the power may fluctuate. Even if you have connected any device which consumes more power, it might affect the power frequency of your generator. In such cases, your sensitive device might get damaged due to this fluctuation in power. It will increase the unnecessary costs of devices and other pieces of gear as well. The power gets wasted as well as the device gets damaged. It is a loss to any customer. But it can be prevented by using Wen 2000 Watt Inverter Generator. The generator will provide you with a constant power supply to all your devices without any fluctuations. It will not cost you any damage. Your sensitive devices are safe if you are using this generator. This generator is one of the Best Rv Generator in the market.

Most of the generators in the market are specific to use. Some are designed to be used in offices, and some are for households and some for providing heavy load. You cannot take any generator to satisfy any purpose. You have to be specifying the task which you want to accomplish and then decide which generator is best for use. There are just a few generators on the market that are versatile. The Wen 56200i Super Quiet Inverter Generator is one of those few. This generator can be used for any purpose. Whether it is a construction site or your house, it can provide power to you in all types of events. It is not specifically designed for a single purpose. You can use it anywhere you want.

Suppose you have a party at your home, and you need a backup power generator in case the electricity goes off. But the problem will not be solved if you have a generator which can give power to your house. It will require more power than your generator can provide. In such a case, the Wen 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator comes to your aid. You can connect more than one generator parallelly. Places such as construction sites need more power than just 2000 watt. In such events, you can easily connect the generators and get as much power as you desire.

As mentioned in Wen 56200i 2000-Watt 79.7cc Inverter Generator Review, it comes with a warranty period of one year. In this duration, you can ask for a replacement for the company if your generator gets damaged. You can also send a notice to the company if your product comes in a damaged condition if you bought it online. You can contact the company with the helpline number provided in the user manual. For any technical support, you can always contact the company.


Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
Product Dimension
18 x 11 x 18 inches
Product Weight
48 pounds
Power Source
Gas Powered
Inverter Generator
Yellow, Black
Surge Wattage
2000 watts
Running Wattage
1600 watts
Fuel Tank Size
1 gallon
Half Load Run Time
6 hours
Engine Displacement
79.7 cc
2 X three-prong 120V receptacle 2 X 5V USB ports 1 X 12V DC receptacle
Fuel Shut-off
Volume Level
51 dBA
Parallel Connection Ports
Low-Oil Shutdown
Carrying Handle
Overload Protection





How is Wen 56202i lighter than 56200i?

Wen 56202i is lighter than the 56200i by 50lbs as it has some additional technical plug-ins.

How to clean carbs in Wen 56200i?

 Follow the steps below 

  1. Remove the spark plug cap
  2. Next, drain the fuel
  3. spray the inside with carburetor cleaner and wipe it clean
  4. remove the jet with a flathead screwdriver
  5. clean the idle jet by passing a wire brush through it to be sure the opening is clear.
  6. Reassemble the carburetor 
  7. Check the gasket, tighten the screw and washer present between the carburetor's screw and body. 
  8. Turn on the fuel valve back on and replace the spark plug.
How long will a Wen 56200i tank last when only using the 12 volt plug?

The time of how long a Wen 56200i tank will last,depends on what item is powered into the plug. The usual half load run time is 6 hours.

How much does the Wen 56200i generator weigh?

 53.8 pounds is the weight of Wen 56200i.

Does this Wen 56200i have an electric start?

No, Wen 56200i does not have an electric start.

What are the running watt and surge watt of the Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000 Portable Generator?

The running watts and surge watt of the Wen 56200i Super Quiet Inverter Generator are 1600 watts and 2000 watts, respectively.

Is the Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable InveGenerator suitable for carrying in an RV?

Yes, the Wen 56200i Portable Inverter Generator is suitable for carrying in an RV.

Can I charge my phone in the Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000 Inverter Generator?

Yes, you can charge your phone in the Wen 56200i Portable Inverter Generator.

Is the Wen 2000 Watt Inverter Generator compatible for parallel connection?

Yes, this 2000 Wattts Wen Portable Generator is compatible for parallel connection.

Bottom Line

In the Wen 56200i Review, we went through all its specifications and features in detail. You came to know how it works, how easy it is to use, how compatible this generator can be for your home, and especially how noiseless the Wen 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator can be. But there are a few things that we would like to mention despite everything. We have seen various customers complain about how even 2000 watts power can become less for them, but worry no more as the Wen 2000 Watt Inverter Generator has a solution for that as well. If you have already gone through the Wen 56200i Specs, you will know that it comes with parallel connection. By that, we mean that the generator can be connected in parallel to another generator to combine the power of each and supply double the rated watt. Isn’t that convenient? The Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator is also a very versatile generator as it not only operates to supply power to your home but can also be carried around with you for your camping trips and other outdoor events. Thanks to its two three-prong receptacles, a USB port and one 12 v receptacle port, it becomes very convenient for use in trips. The lightweight design of the Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000 Portable Generator makes it one of the Best Rv Generators for use. It provides very clean and safe power, with the minimum harmonic distortion, making it very safe to be used with small devices, like while charging a mobile phone or tablet.

Features like low-oil shutdown, eco-mode, overload protection, minimal distortion, low noise, carrying handle, parallel connection, and so much more make it the best suitable for all your needs. This Wen 56200i Super Quiet 2000 Portable Generator has truly won the hearts of many of its customers. It is one of the most reliable products that you can find in the market that will provide you with a safe power supply and durable quality. Apart from having some issues in pouring fuel into the tank, this product is near perfect.

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