What is the difference between an inverter and a generator?

Most of the people have this question in their mind: Is there any difference between Inverter generators and conventional generators. It is due to the lack of information about both devices. There is more difference between the devices. The only similar point in both devices is that they both provide you battery backup for your place. The factors like mechanism, type of electrical power, portability, and many other factors are different. Here, you will have a proper understanding of what is a generator and what is an inverter generator. You will have a brief idea about all the differences associated with both devices. 

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What is a generator?

The generators that work on fossil fuels work on the principle of induction. This rotating motor will generate electricity by the induction method, unlike a generator that works on fossil fuels, the Solar generator stores the energy into the battery. There is a huge difference between the initial costing for all the generators. The normal generators which work on fossil fuels are economical. But the generators like solar generators are more expensive. Even when it comes to installation, space, portability, the solar generators in such factors, you can easily move your normal generators. They do not even require much space. It is easy to install. They are mostly used where there is a requirement for electricity in large quantities. Places like construction sites, hospitals are better for a generator since they need more electricity.

What is an inverter generator?

The device which stores energy from any source into the battery is known as inverter generators. The battery is the main part of its system. The best feature of inverter generators is that they do not make any noise. It functions quite. You will not even notice when the inverter generator is on. This feature makes it even more suitable for household purposes. You can have a battery backup as well as silence at your place if you opt for inverter generators.

The principle of the inverter generator is simple. It stores electrical energy in the battery. When there is a requirement of electrical backup, it will convert that same energy into AC electrical signals. The main component in the inverter generator is power supply. Before buying an inverter generator, you should check the voltage range. When it comes to pricing, the inverter generators are costlier than conventional generators. But you can save your money after buying one since they do not require much maintenance. The only thing which you have to invest in order to maintain your inverter is related to the battery. You may have to change the battery after a few years. 

Inverter VS Generator

It is very confusing which one to buy, a normal generator or an inverter generator. Both have some pros and cons associated with it. Depending on the purpose, you need to choose smartly. Most people are not aware of the difference between inverter and generator. This information will let you make air clearer for you about both devices.

  • The prime most factor about an inverter generator is that it will take electricity as input as provided the same at the output. The energy is conserved inside the system with the help of battery.
  • The main part of the inverter generator is power supply and battery. The power supply converts AC electrical signals into DC in order to store it in the battery. The battery will only store DC electricity. Furthermore, when there is a need for electrical backup, the stored DC electricity is converted back to AC by using a power supply. 
  • When it comes to noise, the inverter generators are the best you can get in the market in order to have a battery backup for your house or office. They make some noise which is near negligible. For places like hospitals, these types of electrical backup devices are ideal. You will never know you are receiving electrical supply for the mainline or inverter generator since there is no difference noticed when they start working.
  • When it comes to installation, you do not have to deal with lots of effort. Normally, the inverters are compact inside, and they can be installed with minimal amount of space. You can even move them from one place to another without much effort. They are light in weight. One person can easily move it.
  • Since the inverters run on battery, they have limits up to which they can give you a battery backup. As soon as the battery drains out, there will be no backup. You have to recharge your inverter to run it again, and it is not possible until the electricity comes back. 
  • Mufflers are provided into the system of inverters. These parts are responsible for suppressing the noise created. All the inverters come with these facilities.  
  • The inverter is much more costly than the generators. A system like 3 phase microcontroller increases its cost. Many parts increase the cost of inverters exponentially.

Inverter Generators VS Conventional Generators 

 The normal generators use fossil fuel as input to provide electrical backup as output. Fuel burns in the engine, and it provides us with electricity instantly.

There is no provision for storing electricity. Although the generators have a storage tank for Fuel. The Fuel can be stored in the tank and used as per the convenience. The Fuel is burned to rotate the shaft present in the motor, which is responsible for the production of electricity. As electricity is generated, it should be utilized since there is no provision of storing it.

The normal generators are quite noisy. While working with generators, you will have to face the harsh noise created by the generator. You need to invest more if you want to get rid of the noise coming from your generator. There are many ways by which you can reduce the intensity. Depending upon the model of your choice, you may be able to deal with different intensity of noise. But mostly, whenever you hear about the generator, you have to deal with the noise.

Moving a generator is a hectic job if there is no provision of any lifting mechanism. Some generators have wheels attached to its base. But even then, it is hard to lift it. Most of the generators are heavy in nature. It is not a task for one when it comes to moving it from one place to another.

The runtime of a generator depends upon the Fuel you provide. The generator will give you battery backup till you provide the Fuel. Keep filling the fuel tank, and you will get the battery backup infinitely. There is no limitation of battery backup when you are opting for generators.

The generators do not have any techniques in order to suppress the noise. Even some models come with the mufflers, but they are costly.

The costs of the normal conventional generators are less than the inverters. You do not need to spend much in order to opt for a generator. 


With the help of the above information, you must have got a brief idea about the inverter generators and normal Generators. It is an important decision to make which one is best for your purpose. Even if you choose any one type of device for battery backup for your place, there are other factors, too, which you should check. Factors like voltage ratings, warranty period, mobility, and many others should be checked before you make up your mind about a particular model.

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