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Honda EU2200I Review 2022

Nowadays, Generators became a super-efficient and improved version of the previous variations. Among all these inverter Generators has become a much more environmentally friendly and noiseless machine, which is eventually a pretty mandatory inclusion in most of the households, in the time of frequent power outages and sudden onset of different natural calamities. From single fuel generators to multi-fuel, more versatile ones, generators had gone through a long way to achieve the trust and popularity, it is getting now from a wide array of users. Which was first considered as a power backup for commercial and industrial spaces, and for areas where it is challenging to run life entirely on electricity, generators are now becoming an integral part of personal home improvement products as well.

Honda 2200-Watt Companion Super Quiet Inverter Generator Details

Among so many different technological advancements and futuristic modifications, the one particular inclusion, which is sort of game-changer to this machine, is the addition of inverter technology to generators. Unlike the conventional generators, inverter generators generate the output as AC, then convert it to DC and again invert the DC to AC mode. From that, the term “ inverter generator” has come up. Amongst the other, the primary benefit of an inverter generator is that they ensure an even flow of current to all the connected appliances to keep them safe. Other than that, inverter generators also come with several other advantages as well, which includes:

  • Highest fuel efficiency
  • High-quality power output.
  • Noise-free operation and many more

The particular Honda EU2200IC portable inverter is also comprised of the inverter technology and considered one of the best generator models of this time. This Honda Power Equipment EU2000I Inverter Generator is super-efficient, and there is no such “ Best generator list” present on the internet, where this one is not included. This Honda EU2200I Review is focussing on the individual feature of along with cumulative advantages and disadvantages of the same.


  • 10% More Power Than Any Generic Generator
  • Powerful Nd Sturdy Engine
  • Fuel Efficient
  • State-of-the Art Inverter Technology With Electronic Circuit Breaker
  • Noiseless
  • Portable
  • Can Be Connected To Other Generators For Parallel Support
  • Automatic Fuel Shut Off
  • Convenient Control Panel

1. 10% more power than any generic generator

the Honda EU 2200i portable generator, is not only considered as an overall powerful generator, this Best Honda 2200 Generator can provide 10% more power than any other generator model with the same capacity. Comprises of a surge watts of 2200 and running watts of 1800, this a potent portable Generator. With a continuous supply of clean 2200 watts of power, a wide variety of appliances, including those sensitive ones, can also be powered continuously with this powerful Honda inverter generator.

2. Powerful and sturdy engine

This Honda EU2200I Portable Inverter Generator is brainstormed and designed, keeping in mind heavy-duty constructional or industrial work, the Honda flash GTX120, is what is used as the primary engine of this particular inverter generator machine. It is considered one of the best engines of its category and known for providing a fuss-free, simultaneous performance for the most extended period. Inclusion of this Portable Inverter generator body increases its durability and reliability to many folds.

3. Fuel efficient

This Honda power equipment EU2200i generator is run on Gasoline, hence not that harmful to the environment. This specific inverter generator Equipped with a .95 gallon fuel tank, so it can work for almost 8.1 hours over less than 1 gallon of fuel when the ¼ of the total load is on. Considered as a pretty fuel-efficient generator, by all means, the in-built advanced eco-throttle system is what makes it use minimum fuel to function optimally.

4. State-of-the-art inverter technology with electric circuit breaker

As we have discussed earlier in this Honda EU2200I Generator Review, this Portable generator comprises inverter technology are safer than conventional ones, and this model from Honda is no difference at all. Consists of an advanced inverter inside, this ensures a continuous and seamless supply of electricity, with minimum distortion, which provides the safety of both the connected appliances, especially for those sensitive ones like laptops, micro ovens, refrigerators, etc and the generator itself. Along with the advanced inverter, this particular Honda EU2200i portable generator is also comprised of a circuit breaker, which automatically disrupts the power supply between the generator and the appliances, during overloads, again to ensure safety.

5. Noiseless

Like most of the great quality portable inverter generator present in the market, this Honda EU2200I 2200-Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator is also known for its comparatively noiseless performance. With old school traditional generators, the most significant problems were with the cringe-worthy noise they make while functioning, but with the inverter generator, this issue is nearly solved. It was calculated that when this particular Honda EU2200i generator is working on ¼ of the total load, it produces around only 48dB of sound, which is almost equivalent to regular conversations.

6. Portable

with the weight of only 47 pounds, this particular generator is so compact and so intelligently built, that carrying it around places and taking it to camp and road trips becomes extremely easy and hassle-free. The ergonomically designed handle on the top of the generator also makes it easier to carry around.

7. Parallel support

if you need excess power during any emergency, then this particular Honda portable generator is compatible to set up a parallel connection to other similar inverter generator models. This feature comes extremely handy when the user needs excess and continuous power.

8. Automatic fuel shut-off

to ensure maximum safety of the appliances connected, this particular generator is comprised of an automatic fuel shut- off switch, which automatically turns of the machine, when the fuel amount is decreased to a minimum. Along with the connected appliances, this particular feature is meant to keep the generator safe and sound for the longest time

9. Convenient control panel

This Honda EU2200i portable generator is comprised of three significant indicators. Hence you can observe low oil, overload, and output indications to keep track of the generator activity. With its LCD Control Panel, you can take relative actions promptly when it is facing some issues.



  • Brand : Honda
  • Model Number : EU2200IC 2200
  • Product Dimension : 21 X 20 X 14 Inches
  • Product Weight : 46.5 Pounds
  • Engine : Gxr120
  • Running Watts : 1800 Watts
  • Peak Watts : 2200 Watts
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.95 Gallon
  • Engine Oil Capacity : 14oz
  • Warranty : 3-years Limited Warranty



Honda EU3000IS will allow more appliances and tools to be powered than the Honda EU2200IC. So, one could say, the Honda EU3000IS is much more preferable.


The capacity of the Honda EU2200IC generator is 0.95 gallons.


The Honda EU2200IC can last for an hour or two at ¼ load.


No, Honda EU2200IC generators do not come with motor oil.


After reading our Honda EU2200I Review, you found it as undoubtedly one of the best creations from Honda. This Best Portable generator for Home is an overall great quality product, regardless of the price range, type, and manufacturer. There are thousands of different portable generator models available in the market. Still, the cumulative quality and efficiency and functionally of these are no match to the Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator. There is no equivalent generator present in the market which can generate such continuous and seamless electricity and that too for the longest of times. the whopping 3 years warranty, in both residential and commercial sectors, is pretty convenient to the users as well. This Honda EU2200IC 2200-Watt Inverter Generator might be pretty expensive than its contemporaries at $1200, but its features and quality and durability is worth all the money spent on it.

Honda EU2200IC 2200 Watt Companion Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator image

The Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator is a small and compact yet extremely powerful machine, which is considered as one of the Best Portable Generator For Rv Camping of all time. Equipped with the most [powerful engine of all time, this is an inverter generator along with specific circuit breakers to ensure optimum safety to the appliances and the generator at the same time. Run-on gasoline only, this Honda EU2200IC Inverter Generator is equipped with a 0.96-gallon gasoline tank and can run for 8.1 hours at a stretch while running on ¼ load. With a minimal and compact design, this inverter generator is portable and can be taken too literally anywhere.


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