Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Generator – Power bank for your phone, tablet, laptop, etc!

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review 2023

In today’s time, when the environment is asking for alternate sources to repair all the stress and degradation, we have created for years. Solar power seems to be one of the primary changes, which need to be taken place right now. Known as the “ultimate future”, at least a few decades ago, the sudden onset of the usage of solar power in every single aspect of life, indicate that the future is already here. From big multinational establishments to heavy industries to households, everybody has started to invest in good quality solar panels, to decrease the dependency on electricity or liquid petroleum all the time. In the case of Best Emergency Generator, the scenario is pretty the same as well. Unlike age-old systems, people do not rely on only gas-powered or diesel-powered generators, when emergency power outages take place.

All in one Goal Zero Yeti 150 Power Station Details

In this particular article, we are going to discuss a small yet extremely sturdy solar-powered generator. Have you ever faced such situations, while hiking or trekking on an offbeat road and planning to stay there for a couple of days? However, it does not have access to any source of power, just to even lit a light on the night? In such situations, where carrying a heavy-duty generator is not even an option, small and portable ones the best you can have literally. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Generator is why considered as the pocket-size powerhouse in true sense. A tiny and Best Small Portable Generator, this particular one can get power from multiple sources including solar energy and is pretty efficient in charging small and sensitive gadgets like cameras, smartphones, laptops, battery-powered light, etc.

Since solar generators are comparatively new in the market and most of the people, do not have a clear idea about it. So this particular Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review will be focussing on all the nooks and corners of this particular generator, to help you with the dilemma you might be facing while going for the one. All the important features of the particular product along with its pros and cons are mentioned in this article to make it helpful, and a well informed one.


  • Multiple Charging Options
  • Small And Compact
  • Powerful Battery
  • Power Efficient.
  • A Versatile Portable Generator
  • Lightweight, Hence Easy To Transport
  • Lcd Display Is Included.
  • Noiseless
  • Environment-friendly

1. Multiple Charging Options

the most intriguing feature, which makes this particular Goal Zero yeti 150 portable power station is that unlike most of the popular models from the same genre, this particular Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Solar Generator is comprised of multiple charging options. It comes with a regular AC charger. The battery will take around 6 hours to get a full charge when connected with any standard wall plug. Other than the AC one, there are also options for Solar panels and 12V car charging cable is available for this portable powerhouse, which takes around 11 to 22 hours depending on the availability of the sun and 8 hours respectively to get a full charge. Though the solar panels and the 12V charging cables are not included in the final packaging, buying the company recommended ones are always a wise option.

2. Small and compact

just look like an even cube, the Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator is designed in such a way, which makes it an ideal choice for carrying around. An extremely compact generator, it can easily be packed in your backpack, along with other essentials. Not only suitable for hiking or camping only, but this particular Yeti 150 Lead-Acid Solar Generator can also act as a secondary option to charge all the sensitive gadgets to release at least some load from the primary generator.

3. Powerful battery

being solely designed for portability and for small gadgets only, many people think that these types of small generators will not be that powerful. But proving them wrong in every possible aspect, this particular Goal Zero yeti 150 portable solar generator is comprised of a 168 watt-hour(14 Ah) lead-acid battery, which is capable of charging 5 consecutive devices at once. Moreover, the battery is completely enclosed inside the plastic casing so it is entirely safe for outside usage as well. Also, the battery is fully removable so the user can also replace it with a new one, once the old one gets drained completely.

4. Power-efficient

power efficiency is one of the important features to determine the quality of any generator. It is defined as the cumulative hours or the number of devices the generator is charging on one full battery. Now in case of the Goal Zero yeti 150 solar generators, the battery is so efficient that it can charge a smartphone up to 15 times in full battery capacity. And in the case of laptops, the generator can fully charge one for 2 times as well. So, this power efficiency is not only making the battery lasts for longer, but it also reduces the frequency of the charging of the generator itself. And that eventually doubles up the shelf life of the machine.

5. A versatile portable generator

Now the total numbers of output ports and how many types of devices can be connected to the generator is makes them versatile and multifunctional. In that context, it has to be mentioned in Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review, this particular pocket size portable solar power generator is a truly versatile one. Because it does not only get a charge from various sources, but it also can charge different types of devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, E-book reader, DSLR cameras, battery-powered lights, etc. Equipped with 2.1A USB ports, 12V ports and regular AC plug-ins, charging different types of small and useful gadgets at once was never this easy.

6. Lightweight, hence easy to transport

a truly portable generator, this Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator is extremely lightweight with less than 12 pounds of weight, hence makes it feasible for the user to take this everywhere they go. along with the lightweight, this particular generator model also comes with an ergonomic handle, to make it easier and hassle-free to carry around.

7. In Built LCD display

Unlike most of the great quality portable generators and heavy-duty gas-powered ones, this particular one from Goal Zero is also comprised of an LCD screen, which enables the user to keep track of the remaining battery capacity of the machine. The LCD screen also indicated the user the charging status as well to the user, when the generator is charging itself.

8. Noiseless

with all these powerful features, this particular Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable power station is extremely noiseless. So keep in the bedroom or in the car, or taking it to the woods, it will never disturb your peace of mind with those cringe noises, most of the generac generators make.

9. Environment-friendly

Last but not the least, is that this particular Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator is extremely environment-friendly. Runs of reachable battery only, this Goal zero generator does not emit any harmful fumes and all, this makes it less harmful for the environment and also for those who live in it.



  • Brand : Portable Solar-powered Generator
  • Model Number : 22004
  • Product Dimension : 7.8 X 6.8 X 5.8 Inches
  • Product Weight : 12 Pounds
  • Battery : 14,000 Mah
  • Charging Options : Solar Panels, Ac Adapter, 12v Car Charging Adapter
  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty


After hours of research and analysis, we have presented this Goal Zero Yeti 150 Review. Finding an alternative to this Goal zero yeti 150 portable solar generators can be a little intimidating isn’t?. There is no such manufacturer, who designs and develops such a compact and strong and convenient generator at this price range. Though this Best Portable Generator For Rv Camping cannot be used as the primary backup, for relieving some stress from it, there is nothing better than this particular portable one. This small and compact portable solar-powered generator can be a good investment for those who love to be on the roads every now and then and does not want to carry those bulky generators everywhere.

Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Portable Power Station 150Wh Small Generator image

The Goal Zero yeti 150 portable power station is a small and compact size generator, which comprises of a 14,000 mAh battery, which can be powered by solar energy along with regular Ac adapter and 12V car cigarette charger. Efficient enough of charging 5 consecutive gadgets at a time, this particular one is loaded with a 2.1 USB cable, an Ac adapter and 12 V ports as output stations. A specialized input port for the solar is also included in the front panel. Compatible with any type of sensitive gadgets such as DSLR cameras, laptops, tablets, smartphones, drones and many more.


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