What are the Best Types Of Generators?

Generators are something we all have used at some point for some of the other reasons. Starting from blackouts to camping trips or power outages in the city or in our locality. Generators are the best companion in these scenarios by keeping us on track of everything and making sure everything doesn’t come to a standstill. Let us check out the Generator Types and pick the perfect one of your choice.

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Generator Types

Many of us have generators at home where electricity comes back on as soon as it goes out. While others have the ones, who have to plug in to get the house back up with electricity again. You will find different types of generators in the market, with each one having different use for it. Hence, you have to know which will suit which condition and why.

Portable Generators

When you need temporary electrical power, portable generators are the best choice. You can plug in your electrical appliances based on how much power it can generate. Some portable generators meant for only phones and basic devices which don’t need too much power. You can also find Best portable generators that generate more power, but they will be much bulkier than the rest.

Inverter Generators 

Usually, Inverter generator is that it converts AC to DC and finally inverts it to AC, hence the name inverter. They are used in places where more electricity is needed, which portable generators can’t produce. You can power many appliances with the help of an inverter generator. Also, they have become fairly popular now because you won’t face the usual fluctuations like in a standard generator. 

Home Standby Generator

This category of generators is what you find in every home usually. An automatic transfer switch attached to them, which turns on the electricity as soon as the main power goes out. The best part is that the operation is completely automatic once the generator has been set up accordingly. The wiring and setting up takes time. Once that’s done, life really becomes easy in case of a power outage. The fuel that it runs on is your choice. It can be battery operated as well or fuel-based as well. You have to find the one that will suit the availability of the source.

Solar Generators

A solar generator converts the energy captured by the solar cells into electricity. It is an entirely renewable source of energy, which is why this is one of the best options to consider. People living in areas where sun during maximum months of the year can really install such generators for their electricity needs. The number of solar panels you have and power generate will decide how many appliances you can power up. You can find smaller ones for RVs or for camping while there are systems that can be installed in homes. 

Diesel Generators

Diesel is one of the most abundantly available fuels, which is why it is used in a regular product like a generator. Typically, diesel generators don’t have too much operating cost attached to them but the capital cost is usually high because the generator unit costs a lot. Most diesel generators are also bulky but are meant to generate a good amount of power, so they have to be. They have been used for a long time in homes, but now their use has been limited because of environmental concerns. Storing diesel is also a tricky task in itself, and it’s no good after 2 years, so people are moving on from diesel generators now, especially for homes. 

Gas Generators

Again, gas fuel-based generators are a common product and something that has been used in homes and other places for a long while because of the readily available fuel. They are also not very costly, so most people prefer buying them for emergency cases. Ideally, it is not the best option as well because of sustainability concerns, but you also can’t pump fuel in case of an outage. Storing again is not the best option because of various hazards. It is an option you should go for when there isn’t any other. 

Recreational Vehicle Generators

These are the types of generators which are meant solely for outdoors. You can take them with you for camping to get them installed in your RV according to your use. They are usually very small in size and are easy to carry around while being mostly battery-powered as well, so you are getting clean power. The design will always be by the easy carrying factor. 

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