Generac iQ2000 Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator – Super quiet & simple to use!

Generac iQ2000 Review 2023

In today’s time, where there are at least hundreds of different brands that are manufacturing equally great quality generators, it has become difficult for the user to settle with one particular one. Every generator has its area of expertise. Some runs by single fluid and some are compatible with multiple fluid sources. There are also some with excellent fuel efficiency as well. The ultimate point is that every brand of generators present in the market has at least one or two features that stand out separately in the crowd. And in that context, Generac generators are no different at all. Always listed under the best-selling Generator of the year since 1959, the features which help Generac generators stand out prominently in the crowd. Having a powerful engine is enough to make a Generac iQ2000 Gas Powered Inverter Generator great on itself. A powerful engine means great run time, increased fuel efficiency and a hassle-free performance all day long.

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet Inverter Generator Details

Now, the particular generator model we are going to discuss in this particular article is the Generac iQ2000 gas-powered generator, which is considered as one of the primary flag-bearers of the manufacturer itself, in the market of gas-powered inverter generators. Whenever we are planning to buy some new appliances, be it a generator, the first few questions pop in our mind is whether the machine is cost and fuel-efficient or not? What makes that particular appliance difference from the others present in the market? And so many. In general, the Generac iQ2000 super quiet generator is a truly efficient one in backing up all the necessary electrical connections during a sudden power failure or during emergencies as well. But to explore the appliance more thoroughly and precisely, we are going to discuss all the individual features in this Generac iQ2000 Review with the cumulative advantages and disadvantages as well.


  • Integrated design.
  • Extremely lightweight, hence easy to carry around.
  • Decent running watt
  • Large fuel tank.
  • Provision for parallel connections
  • Extra-long run time.
  • Multiple outlets included
  • Several additional features are included for more convenient use.

1. Integrated design

The primary objective of this particular Generac iQ2000 Review is to find some relevant answers to all these questions. one of the primary reasons, which makes Generac iQ2000 inverter generator different from most of the others from the same genre is its integrated design. A completely different from the old school, traditional and huge generator designs, this one is comprising of a small box-like structure with an ergonomically designed handle. The outlook of this particular generator resembles that of a small suitcase and the bright orange and black color combination, makes it more attractive as well.

2. Extremely lightweight

hence easy for transportation: another important feature of this particular Generac 6866 iQ2000 generator, is that apart from being extremely powerful and heavy-duty, this particular one is extremely lightweight and easier to carry around. The 46.2 lb weight works as a blessing in the case of this Generac generator along with the ergonomic handle, which makes it even easier to carry this one. So, for people who are always on the move and love to spend their weekends outdoors, this Genrac Outdoor Portable Generator one can be the best companion for them.

3. Decent running watt

now proceeding towards the technicalities of this particular Generac generator, this particular one is equipped with a powerful 79cc OHV engine, which provides a 1600 running wattage with a 2000-watt peak watt. Though the capacity of this particular Generac 6866 Super Quiet Inverter Generator is not appropriate to back up an entire house, for a secondary backup option, this one is pretty trustworthy. Now, as this gas-powered generator is also comprised of advanced Inverter technology, all the connected appliances and gadgets are also remaining safe, as a machine ensures a distortion-free clean and continuous power supply all day long.

4. Large fuel tank

the Generac iQ2000 inverter generator is also equipped with a heavy-duty and robust fuel tank with the capacity of containing 1.06 gallons of gasoline at a time. With the efficient engine, it comes with a built-in fuel gauge as well, which enables the generator to run more seamlessly. Due to the epic combination of heavy-duty built and a pretty decent fuel tank, this particular Generac iQ2000 inverter generator is considered as the perfect example for a machine that is durable with the longest running time at the same time.

5. Provisions for parallel connections

what you require some extra amount of power to lit up the campsite? In that case, you don’t have to worry a bit, as this particular Generac iQ2000 Portable Generator is compatible with establishing parallel connections with equivalent models, such as the 6877 or 6875 generators from the same manufacturer. Use the provided parallel kit and double up the power capacity within seconds.

6. Extra-long running time

a powerful motor and a decent fuel tank, in this particular Generac iQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator, is leading towards a pretty excellent runtime for a machine this size and capability. The 1.06 gallon of gasoline tank may seem not enough to some user, but this particular amount is capable enough to provide a continuous runtime of 5.5 hours while the generator is running on its 50% load. The average runtime eventually increases to 7.7 hours when the total load decreases to 25%.

7. Multiple outlets included

While looking through Generac iQ2000 Review, you may notice the versatility of this Generac Outdoor Portable Generator. Now in the case of this particular Generac iQ2000 inverter generator, it comes with two 120V sockets for connecting all the appliances and gadgets. The only disappointing fact with this generator that it does not equip with any USB port or car adapters, which somehow restricts its usage.

8. Several additional features are included for more convenient use

now along with so many technical advantages, this particular Generac generator is also extremely easy to use with no fuss. As it is a gas-powered generator, the maintenance is also pretty cost-effective. Other than easy usage, this particular generator is also equipped with some additional features as well, which makes the usage much more convenient and fulfilling. Such additional features are-

  • Low-oil shut down: this particular indicator indicates when the oil level in the fuel tank exceeds the minimum level and the time to refuel it.
  • Hour meter: this particular indicator calculates the total running hour of the generator and enables the user to know its current status.
  • Splash lubrication system: this particular feature ensures complete safety and security of all the connected appliances when the generator is starting or in running conditions.
  • Maintenance indicator: it enables the user to know when the machine requires its periodic maintenance.



  • Brand : Generac
  • Model Number : iQ2000
  • Product Dimension : 20 x 12.6 x 16.9 inches
  • Product Weight : 46.2 pounds
  • Wattage : 2000 Watt/1600 Watt
  • Voltage : 120v
  • Fuel Type : Gasoline
  • Frequency : 60 Hz
  • Engine : 79cc Ohv
  • Warranty : 2 Years



Generac iQ2000 generates 60db.


The Generac iQ2000 generator is best used for charging sensitive electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, drones and DSLR cameras.


You have to start Generac iQ2000 by its electric pull start.


Generac iQ2000 takes around 1.7 quarts of oil.


Generac iQ2000 generators take regular gas to run.


Now it’s time to wrap up this Generac iQ2000 Review, it can easily be said that this particular equipment is pretty efficient and provide a pretty decent amount of power supply to light up space, no matter in the house or in the wild. Though the power supply is not enough to run all those heavy appliances at a time, it is pretty decent for small appliances or when you want to light up an area. Be it in the household, or during travel, the user can get benefitted from this particular Best Quiet Portable Generator. Equipped with different interesting features and several indicators, using this Portable generator is like an easy breeze all together. Some may complain about the small fuel tank or lack of output ports present in this Generac 2000 Watt Inverter Generator. Still, in such an attractive price range, this particular Generac generator is a steal deal, no matter what.

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running Watts 2000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Inverter Generator image

The Generac 6866 iQ2000 portable generator is a gas-powered one with 2000-watt peak hour and 1800-watt continuous running power. Equipped with a 79cc OHV engine, and in combination with the 1.06-gallon fuel tank, this particular generator is responsible for providing 7.7 hours of running time, while functioning on 25% of the total load. Equipped with different indicators like low oil shut down or hour meter, using this articular generator is pretty easy and hassle-free as well. A true lightweight and portable generator, You can take it wherever they want.


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