Firman W03083 Gas Portable Generator – Runs quietly for longer duration!

Firman W03083 Review 2023

Firman W03083 whisper series 3000/3300 watt inverter generator is designed to deliver a good amount of power in a fuel-efficient mode at the basic level. Firman 3300-watt generator has a small fuel tank with a capacity of 1.8 gallons, and this capacity is enough to run the generator continuously for 9 hours under 25% load. This Firman W03083 Generator delivers starting watts of 3000, and during peak hour. it provides 3300 watts. It operates under remote, recoil and electric start functions. We can operate the generator from a maximum distance of 168 feet using the remote. Now let us check out the complete Firman W03083 Review, along with features, Pros and cons.

Firman 3300/3000 Watt Remote Start Gas Portable Generator Details

It has an excellent max pro series 171 cc Firman engine with Phoenix fathead block. This combination enhances the engine to deliver maximum efficiency. This engine is covered with many layers of insulators to reduce the sound, to stand with its whisper series name, and it has USDA Forest Service approved spark arrestor. You can double the power of the generator by connecting two firman W03083 engines parallel to each other. Firman remote start generator is also portable with wheels and handles to move it around the camping site and RVs. It is a fully assembled model and can be used immediately upon receiving it. The control panel has a custom-designed outlet for protecting it from dust, debris, and dirt.


  • Fuel tank
  • Engine
  • Running wattage
  • Quiet operation
  • Size and weight
  • Power source
  • Voltage
  • Warranty
  • Accessories
  • Control panel

1. Fuel Tank

The capacity of the fuel tank is 1.8 gallons. This is perfect for small families and camping sites. The capacity is almost the same in other brands for this category. Fuel – economy mode reduces fuel consumption and improves the efficiency of the engine. Its 171cc engine has Phoenix FatHead Block to improve fuel efficiency.

2. Engine

Engine capacity is 171 CC, and it has an electric start and remote start options for kick-starting it. It has low oil alert/ shut down, and it is cast on the iron sleeve. The remote system contains a 12 V start button with recoil and remote. The engine will save fuel when it runs on economy mode. At 50% load, the run time is 4.5 hours. Firman 3000/3300 watt portable generator has an OHV engine for higher performance, longer life with little maintenance.

3. Running wattage

Running wattage of this engine is 3300 watts, and this can be achieved during the peak time. With 25% and 50% load, we can get better efficiency. The Firman W03083 Whisper Series 3000/3000 Watt Inverter Generator, features 0HV engine for longer life. So you will get higher performance with lower maintenance.

4. Quiet operation/ noise level

Firman W03083 3300 Watt Portable Generator comes under the Whisper series of Firman has an efficient muffler to reduce the noise level to 58dB. This is below the standards of the National Parts service. The USDA forest service approves the spark arrester for Firman engine use.

5. Size and weight

The length of the product is 23.2 inches, width is 17.8 inches, and the height of the product is 17.9 inches. Firman outdoor generator weighs 90 lbs and is very compact. As it comes with Built-in tuff handle and wheels for easy portability. Especially no additional assembly required. Its Durable and compact design with an integrated ergonomic handle.

6. Voltage

Best Firman Gas Powered Generator requires 120 volts single-phase connection. The frequency needed for this generator is 60 Hertz, and the alternator uses a brushless alternator. This Best Quiet Generator has auto-voltage regulation and idle control.

7. Warranty

This Firman 3300 Watt Generator has 3 years of warranty for the engine and a commercial warranty of 90 days for a replacement. This generator has an average warranty period.

8. Accessories

As mentioned in Firman W03083 Review, Its engine and remote, they provide engine oil, tool kit, oil funnel, and 12 V battery cables. It has one 8.3 – Amp DC plug, one NEMA 5-20R – wall –type plug, one RV ready 30- Amp plug and a USB port.

9. Control panel

Firman 3300 Generator Remote Start has a multi-featured control panel with most of the switches at the front of the engine. The control panels were designed to protect the outlets from dust, dirt, and debris with outlet covers. This Firman W03083 3300 Watt Portable Generator is CARB certified and CETL certified generator. The spark arrestor is approved by USDA forest service and can be used in all regions of the USA.

10. Size and weight

The length of the product is 23.2 inches, width is 17.8 inches, and the height of the product is 17.9 inches. Firman outdoor generator weighs 90 lbs and is very compact. As it comes with Built-in tuff handle and wheels for easy portability. Especially no additional assembly required. Its Durable and compact design with an integrated ergonomic handle.



  • Manufacturer : Firman
  • Model Number : W03083
  • Dimensions : 25 x 19 x 19 inches
  • Weight : 90 lbs
  • Starting watts : 3300
  • Running watts : 3000
  • Tank size : 1.8 gallons
  • Run time : 9 hours
  • Warranty : 3 years



Yes, Firman W03083 has an electric start.


Yes, the Firman W03083 generator has an hour meter.


No, Firman W03083 does not have a remote start.


I won’t say they have a good customer service. There are many complaints regarding its worst customer support.


Yes, you can connect another Firman 3300 inverter generator to the existing one as parallel connection. It will double the power delivered, (i.e) from 3000 to 6000 watts.


So this is all about Firman W03083 Review, we hope you find it helpful Firman W03083 gas portable generator is a sleek and Compact Inverter generator with sound insulation panels from the whisper series. The noise level is 58dB and runs on 3000W, and at peak time, it requires 3300W of power. This inverter generator has a remote start option along with a recoil starter for emergencies. You can double your power with two firmans connected in parallel, and this process increases the running watts to 6000. The tank capacity is small (1.8 gallons) with fuel efficiency. We can expect a running time of 9 hours for a 25% load. Firman W03083 inverter generator has wheels and a pull handle for portability of the machine, and it also has USDA certified spark arrestor like higher-end models.

Firman W03083 3300 3000 Watt Remote Start Gas Portable Generator image

Firman W03083 generator is a reliable unit at an affordable price. It has a decent run time of 9 hours under full load and 4.5 hours under 50% load. It is portable with its plastic wheels and a pull handle, making it a good choice for RVs and camping. It is more than a basic generator for general needs. It delivers clean power more compactly. Though the machine noise level was mentioned as 58dB, it is a little noisier than other units. The touchpoints are at the front and they are easy for starting up. It is one of the Best portable generators available in the market.


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