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Durostar DS4000S Review 2020

Camping is the best way to get away from the busy schedule of life. Away from the loud honks and noise of traffic, away from your office life and so much more. But is camping that easy? Do you think just packing your tent into your RV, some food and driving off to the woods is enough to have a memorable time? Well, you cannot be more wrong than that as camping requires more than just a tent and some food. What about a temperature system that will heat or cool the insides of your tent, a music system to set the mood, lights, electric gas, a small beverage holder, etc. all of these is just some of the necessities that I have listed. But to be honest, a normal human being requires even more than that to have a nice camping trip. The wild is not going to protect you from the severe hot or cold. So, what do you think is going to power all this device for you in the woods? There isn’t going to be an electric plug available nearby.

DuroStar 4000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator Details

What about a portable generator, that is easy enough to carry in your RV, have enough capacity to power your campsite. Sounds good, right? And that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this Durostar Ds4000s Review article. We recently got in touch with the Durostar 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Rv Grade Generator, and it immediately caught our attention, thanks to its powerful outlook and bright yellow color. The Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator is considered to be the Best Quiet Generator for Camping, and if you keep reading you will find out why. No one wants to be disturbed in their peaceful outing with the loud noise made by a generator, and hence every customer has loved how possibly quiet this is. Providing the user with 3300 running watts, and 4000 peak or surge watts, this Durostar Ds4000s Portable Generator can power even the heaviest of those devices within seconds. We will be discussing more of its features and specifications in the following segments.

Durostar 4000 Watt Generator Features

While looking through the Durostar Ds4000s Review, you may know that an essential part of the generator is its engine. This is the part that is accountable for generating electricity. Ideally, the engine should use a minimal amount of fuel and provide you with maximum power. It should be powerful enough to satisfy all the requirements of the user. It should also be able to handle overload if extra devices are being connected to it. The Durostar Ds4000s Portable Generator provides such an ideal engine. This generator has an engine of 7 Horsepower. It is one of the Best Durostar Portable Generators.

Tank capacity of DuroStar generator is also one of the major factors which come handy in case of an emergency. It is hectic to refill the tank each time you want to use the generator due to its low tank capacity. Even in case of emergency, it is not always possible that you will have the chance to fetch fuel from some other source and fill it. With the Durostar Ds4000s Portable Generator, you do not have to worry about all these problems. You can store fuel in the tank of the generator easily since it has a capacity of 3.96 gallons. It is more convenient to store the fuel in a tank rather than fetching it from some other place and put it in the tank.

When you hear a generator, the first picture that comes to your mind is a bulky machine that cannot be moved easily. And that is, in fact, true. Most of the generators that are available in the market are heavy and cannot be moved easily. Moving generator is not a task for a single person. It requires two or more people to displace the generator from one place to another. But this is not the scenario with the Durostar Ds4000s Specs. This generator has an overall weight of 94 pounds. There are two bars provided to lift the generator. You can easily place your hand on the bars with a nice grip and lift it up. This generator is easy to move with the help of wheels. Just lift it a bit and drag to any place at your convenience.

You may get stuck if the spark plug gets damaged. You will not have any other option than wait for the technical person to visit your place. Meanwhile, you have to stay dependent on the electrical supply from the electricity company. With Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered Generator, you do not have to wait for anyone. This generator comes with several accessories. In the tool kit, there is one spark plug wrench that can be used to take off the damaged spark plug and place a new one after buying it from the hardware shop. Similarly, there are other tools available with this generator such as oil funnel for proper insertion of fuel in the tank, and many more. The company even provides a user manual in which there is instruction about how to handle the generator. With the help of this manual, you can easily handle the generator.

The cheapest option is gasoline when it comes to fuels. There are many generators that run on charging by the electricity first. In those generators, you have to charge the battery and then use the charging when the electricity goes off. Charging the battery will consume much electricity which will increase the cost. But with the help of the Durostar 4000 Watt Generator, you can surpass this problem. This generator runs on gasoline. Gasoline can be availed easily as well as it is a cheap option for the user. You can reduce the cost rather than opting for a generator that runs on electrical backup.

The wattage range should be more so that it can handle the maximum load as per usage. Most of the time it may happen that there will be a requirement for connecting more devices to complete any task. But you are restricted since your generator cannot provide you more wattage. It can be avoided by opting for the Durostar 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Rv Grade Generator. The overall running wattage of Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator is 3200 watt. But the starting wattage of this generator is 4000 watt. It is more than sufficient to power all the devices at your home.

Warranty is one of the main factors which you should always observe while buying any product. The feature helps you in being ensured about the product that it is a reliable one. It is commonly observed that products associated with longer warranty periods are likely to be more durable than the products with small warranty periods. The warranty period of Durostar 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Rv Grade Generator is of 30 days. It is very less than the other generators available in the market. But you can have a warranty of one year on parts for this generator. For replacement, you have to notify the company at first. You can contact the company with the help of customer care number provided in the user manual. After a short period, the company will send you the replacement part.

The runtime of the generator should be long enough to satisfy the requirements of the user. If you want a generator for household purposes, you might go with the generator with lower wattage range. It will give you a moderate runtime. But if you are thinking about getting a generator to battery backup your place like office, you should get the generator with longer runtime. The Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator is perfect for the user who requires longer runtime. This generator will give you a runtime of 8 hours. It is recommended to use for household purposes. It will not be effective if it is used in huge places like offices.


Specification Name Value
Portable Generator
Item Model Number
Product Dimension
24 x 17 x 17 inches
Product Weight
94 pounds
Power Source
Gas Powered
Yellow, Black
Surge Wattage
4000 Watts
Running Wattage
3300 Watts
Fuel Tank Size
4 Gallon
Half Load Run Time
8 Hours
Engine Displacement
208cc 7.0 Hp OHV Engine
2 X 120V 20A Household Outlet 1 X 120/240V 30A Twist Lock
Tool Set
120 Volts
Clean Power
GFCI Protected Outlets
Copper Windings
Surge Arrest Technology
Fuel Type
Start Type
Manual Recoil
Remote Start
1 year on Parts
Product Manual, Oil Funnel, Spark Plug Wrench





How do you start a DuroStar Ds4000s generator?

The DuroStar Ds4000s generator provides an electric start upon pressing which you can start the generator on.

With Durostar Ds4000s, can you plug a power strip into the outlet and run lamps, refrigerator and sump pump all at the same time?

Yes, you can run several pieces of equipment at the same time on Durostar along with a sump pump.

Can a Durostar Ds4000s generator run a 220volt appliance?

No, Durostar Ds4000s cannot run a 220volt appliance.

Does this Durostar Ds4000s run on straight gas or a fuel/oil mix?

Durostar runs on gasoline and propane.

What is the continuous power wattage of the Durostar Ds4000s Portable Generator?

The continuous power wattage of the Durostar Ds4000s Portable Generator is 3300 watts.

What is the runtime of the Durostar 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Rv Grade Generator at half load?

The runtime of the Durostar 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Rv Grade Generator at half load is 8 hours.

Does the Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator provide clean and safe power?

Yes, the Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator does provide clean and safe power.

Is the Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator suitable to be used in the outdoors?

Yes, the Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator is suitable to be used in the outdoors.

Bottom Line

Now with this Durostar Ds4000s Review, I am sure you will love how portable it is in nature to carry in your RV for camping trips, and any other outdoor event. This Best Durostar Portable Generator is also very easy to use and understand. In case you are a person who has already come in acquaintance with a generator than finding your way around the Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator is going to be a very easy task. In case you are a person who has a hard time in managing time to maintain your generator, then you will be pleased with the Durostar 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Rv Grade Generator, as it comes with low oil shut off that detects in case the oil is low in the tank and it will automatically alert the user with its alarm or its digital display. Other than that it also has an engine that can cool itself automatically when it gets heated up. But that is not the feature that most people loved about it people loved how noiseless it was when operating. The Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator operates only in around 60 decibels which is very low. You can easily do all your work without having the issue of a headache or even realizing if a generator is operating near you. Also, you must have noticed through the Durostar Ds4000s Specs that it comes with all the necessary tools and gadgets required for the normal functioning of a portable generator. You do not have to go to the market and get yourself any extra tools while assembly of this Best portable generator.

Operating in a very low noise the Durostar 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Rv Grade Generator is one of the most loved products according to the various services that we conducted on portable generators. It may not be the lightest product that we have come across but surely is portable enough to be carried in an RV. The size of the tank of Durostar Ds4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator is also very large and hence can power your Campsite or your home for at least 8 hours at half load. Coming with features like low oil shut off low noise large tank size portability reliability this Durostar 4000 Watt Generator is surely worth the money.

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