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Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Review 2020

Do you live in a place that is prone to natural disasters like typhoons and Cyclones? Have you ever wondered if there will ever be an end to this? I am sure most of you people have already started using a generator to bring a temporary solution to this permanent problem. But have you ever given a thought towards using a generator that it may indirectly be affecting the environment, and causing in some way or the other natural disasters that take place in your area? What about using an eco-friendly alternative like a solar power generator. On the off chance that you are a person who cares about the environment and wishes to ensure the safety of yourself and your family and the environment, then a Solar power generator will be the best choice that you can make. It will not only help keep all your devices at home working in times of emergency but will also lend a hand towards contributing to the Welfare of the environment. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about a product that is much safer compared to a traditional generator, the Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Portable Power Station. Now let us check out the Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Review along with pros and cons in the following section.

Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Portable Power Station

Like every solar-based generator, this Aeiusny 400W Quiet Camping Generator is made up of three parts – the main body of the generator, the battery, and the entire frame of it. The frame is the part that creates the difference between a traditional generator and a solar power generator. The structure of the Aeiusny 400W Solar Portable Generator is responsible for drawing the solar energy through the solar panels attached to it. The Aeiusny Battery Generator for Camping has a substantial capacity that is 296 wH with outlets for carport, USB and AC ports. This generator is tiny and compact ,which makes it very suitable for use in outdoor getaways like holidays, fishing, hunting, camping, and so much more. The Aeiusny Portable Power Station may look small in size but don’t go in the looks, as it comes with various types of ports that can be used to charge phones, laptops, and tablets.

Aeiusny 400W Quiet Camping Generator Features

Most of the resources in nature are about to go extinct due to overconsumption by consumers. Getting these resources are going to be tougher and tougher every day. When it comes to generators, they require quite a significant amount of fuel to work. It is not easy to find fuel such as petrol or diesel everywhere. You need to have a fuel station nearby to fetch the fuel. As the days are passing by, the cost is also increasing exponentially. Not everyone can afford to buy this type of fuel over a long period. As mentioned Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Review, it comes with the setup, which requires solar energy as fuel. It is the cheapest natural resource that does not cost you even a single penny. It is available everywhere, as it can be harnessed easily with the help of solar panels. Most of the other fuels can cause pollution when they are being consumed. But this form of energy does not cause any pollution. This is the Best Portable Power Station you can find in the market these days. With solar energy as its fuel, your fuel expenses are dropped to the ground. Just keep the solar panels outside, and your generator will get recharged all by itself. It comes in handy when you are outside, getting away from the hassle of city life such as camping. You can easily recharge your generator without looking for fuel and keep your devices charged whenever you want. It is the Best Solar Generator for Camping available in the market.

Whenever you hear about generators, you have a rough sketch of a big bulky machine that cannot be moved due to its weight, and it occupies lots of space. All those are true. We all have witnessed somewhere or another that the generators are a big machine with a noise-making engine that provides us electrical backup. This is the concept in all our minds when we hear the term “generator”. Most of the generators that are available in the market are heavy and occupy lots of space. You have to make a separate spot when you decide to opt for a generator. The traditional generators were so bulky that a single person can not move it. It becomes quite a tough job for a single person when it comes to moving a heavy generator. There may be several events where you need to move your generator from one place to another. In such events, you have to take help from someone else, or you can opt for a lightweight generator at first sight. One of the best lightweight generators is Aeiusny 400W Solar Portable Generator. The overall weight of this generator is just 7 pounds. You can easily lift it with the handle provided over the top of it. You can pack it when you are going for any adventures such as trekking or camping in the forest.

The battery of the generator is one of the major issues faced by the users. Most of the generators do not have a long battery backup, which can lead to discomfort to the users. Especially, when you are out, far away from the city in the woods, you do not have any provision for charging your generator. If you are a group of many people, you have to carry a generator that can provide good battery backup to all the people on board. Even if you are carrying a generator which can be charged by solar energy, you cannot charge it at night. You should opt for a generator that can provide long battery backup with a proper battery. The Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator is one of the best solar-based generators you can have while camping. This generator consists of a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery backup of this generator is 296 Wh. With this generator, you can stop worrying about charging your smart gadgets and focus on the trip which you have always dreamt of. Charge it for a couple of hours when you are taking a rest, and it will give you a battery backup to cover your whole night, depending on the devices connected to the generator. This generator can provide a battery backup of 10 hours if you are connecting a single device with the power of 30W.

The panel of the Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Portable Power Station consists of many features. You get 3 ac outlets which can be used to run mini fans, mini-refrigerator, and many more devices. You can connect two such devices that run on AC. There is also the provision of monitoring the charging left in the battery of the generator. The LED display will show you the battery backup left in percentage. You can easily utilize the power according to the reading shown on the screen. There is also 2 DC ports and 4 USB ports. You can easily connect your smart devices to the generator to charge. Even if you forget to carry your charger with your smart device, you will be covered up with the help of USB ports available in this generator. Since this generator is specially designed for camping purposes, it also has a facility of a little torch installed on the front side of it. It is the Best Portable Generator for RV Camping.

The warranty period of the product should be noticed before buying any product. The Aeiusny 400W Quiet Camping Generator comes with a warranty period of 12 months. In this course of time, if your generator gets damaged by any means, it will get covered by the company. You have to notify them by giving them a prior call about the damage if the product is under the warranty period. The helpline number is available in the user manual that comes with the product. The product has a certification from many authorities such as CE, ROHS, FCC, and others.

Aeiusny 400W Quiet Camping Generator Specifications

Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
11.4 x 4.3 x 5.2 inches
Product Weight
7 pounds
Power Source
AC/DC, Solar Power
Solar Generator
Item Model Number
Solar Portable Generator
Yellow, Black
Surge Wattage
800 Watts
Running Wattage
400 Watts
296Wh (10.8V/25.5Ah)
AC 110V Outlet
3X (Pure Sine Wave)
Noise Level
USB Output Port
2.1A/2*USB-A, 1A/2*USB-B
Wheel Size
9.5 Inch
Clean Power
GFCI Protected Outlets
Neutral Bonded
Start Type
Push Button
Remote Start
12 months




Aeiusny 296Wh Power Station Conclusion

I Hope this Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Review will help you understand its features and all. Now that you have gone through the entire specification of the Aeiusny Portable Power Station, I am sure you must have realized what a wonderful product it is. It can power all kinds of devices like phones, laptops, and tablets, and all you have to do is connect the USB cable of these devices to the generator port. Not only small devices, but the Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Portable Power Station can also power a mini-refrigerator, Drone, and any other small home appliances. The Aeiusny Portable Power Station comes with a handle that can be used to carry it around, making it very convenient. The manufacturers of this product have provided the users with 12 months warranty that you can use to replace or repair any part in case of damage. Although the Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator has really amazing features, we would also like to mention some of the disadvantages that this solar generator brings with it. The most significant drawback is that you cannot use the Aeiusny 400W Power Station to power any device that is rated more than 400 watts. This device can only be used to charge small gadgets and accessories. Other than that, we have had some complaints from its customers regarding the Aeiusny 296Wh Power Station making noise at times while charging. As is it comes with an LCD to indicate how much power left, the devices connected to it, and the backlight makes it very easy for the user to read even under the sunlight.


Does this Aeiusny 400W generator have a pull start also?

Yes, Aeiusny generator 400w has a pull start.

How are Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator warranty claims handled?

You can claim for Aeiusny 400W Solar generator through their official website or through their 24/7 phone support.

Does Aeiusny 400W unit support a 50 amp plug ?

Yes, Aeiusny can support a 50 amp plug.

Can you power Aeiusny 400 W Generator while it is charging?

Yes, you can power Aeiusny 400w generator while it is charging.

What is the weight of the Aeiusny 400W Quiet Camping Generator?

The weight of the Aeiusny 400W Quiet Camping Generator is 7 pounds

Can the Aeiusny 400W Solar Portable Generator be used to power electrical devices like a heater?

Yes, the Aeiusny 400W Solar Portable Generator can be used to electrical power devices like a heater, only if it is rated under 400 Watts.

Can the Aeiusny 400W Solar Portable Generator be charged with a car adapter?

Yes, the Aeiusny 400W Solar Portable Generator can be charged with a car adapter.

How much time does the Aeiusny 296Wh Power Station take to charge from a home outlet?

This Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Portable Power Station takes more than 6 hours to charge from a home outlet.

Taking a gander at its small size and compact design, we surely think that the Aeiusny 400W Solar Generator Portable Power Station is one of the Best Portable Generator for RV Camping. The solar charging option makes it very environmentally friendly and safe. Although the Aeiusny 400W Quiet Camping Generator cannot be used to charge large devices, it sure can come to use to charge small appliances in case of emergency. It is small and easy to carry, very lightweight, unreliable in times of need.

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