A-iPower SUA12000E Gasoline Powered Generator – Safe to use & ensures back-up for longer time!

A-iPower SUA12000E Review 2023

How many times has a cyclone hit your town and left you in the dark? I am sure you have been encountered such a situation at your home. Places that often face the wrath of the environment tend to remain scarred for the rest of their life wondering if the cyclone or typhoon is going to hit again. What if I told you that you no longer have to suffer in a situation like that, as Technology has made it possible even for low-income people to afford a Good generator. Therefore we are going to review a heavyweight generator that will surely make your life a lot easier in times of tragedy or some power blackout.

A-iPower 12000 Watt Generator

My team and I went to several articles related to generators that are suitable for home use. We found the A-iPower SUA12000E Gasoline Powered Generator to be the most powerful as it provided the user with 9000 running watts and 12,000 starting watts. Other than that, we also loved how easy the A-iPower 12000 Watt Generator was to be used. You can quickly start the machine with a one-touch push-button, and the engine will ignite.

You can rely on the A-iPower SUA12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator to provide you with continuous electricity supply for 9 hours, even at half load. Thus, making it one of the most reliable electric start generators to be used in case of some weather issues. If you choose to use this Best Emergency Generator carefully to power some basic needs at your home, then you can expect this generator to provide you with a runtime of up to 2 to 3 days. Also, in our test, we found out that the A-iPower 12000 Watt Generator is very portable as it comes with large size wheels that make it easy to move around. On the off chance that you are a person who loves to go on camping outside or on holiday tracks with your friends and family, then this generator will be just the right choice for you as it can power the entire Campsite with ease. To provide people with more protection and safety, the manufacturers of this Best A-iPower Generator have made sure that the outlets are GFCI protected.


  • Fuel tank capacity
  • Runtime
  • Portable
  • Built-in DC plug
  • GFCI protected outlets
  • Push-button start
  • Engine
  • Running wattage

1. Fuel tank capacity

Suppose there is a curfew around the city due to any disaster and the electrical supplies are cut off, you will be stuck in your house for days. In such a case, you cannot go out to buy the fuel to run your generator. The fuel tank capacity is one of the prime most problems associated with the generators. It is inconvenient to fetch fuel every time you want to use it. Rather than fetching fuel every time, it will be easier to store fuel at your place. And it will be easier if you are able to store fuel in the tank itself. With the A-iPower SUA12000E Generator, you can store the fuel in its tank. The tank capacity of this generator is 7 gallons. You can easily store the fuel for emergency cases.

2. Runtime

If you have a program in your office and you invited all your colleagues, friends and workers. In such a case, electrical supply goes off you have to start your generator as soon as possible. But if your generator is not giving you a longer runtime, you will have to end your program soon. You will be worried about the generator running out of backup and there will be dark again since you will be aware of the short runtime of the generator. It will be a moment of shame if the electricity goes off twice but this time you cannot do anything about it. Rather than facing such humiliation, you can just avoid it by purchasing a generator with long runtime. When it comes to longer runtime, what will be the better option than A-iPower SUA12000E Gasoline Powered Generator? This generator will provide you a battery backup of 9 hours. In these 9 hours, you can easily finish all the tasks which are required to be done without worrying about running out of power.

3. Portable

The portability is another issue with the generator. Maximum generators available in the market are heavy in nature. You cannot move it easily. Moving a generator is a task for two or more people. If you want to lift your generator and take it to another floor without any help, it will become an impossible task for you. Even if you tried, it would exhaust you. There may be a chance that you will meet an accident and damage your generator or you will harm yourself. Rather than facing all these problems, you can opt for a generator that is light in weight. Buy a generator that can be moved easily by a single person. One of such generators available in the market is A-iPower SUA12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator. The overall weight of this generator is around 200 pounds. This generator can be moved easily with the help of wheels. There is a provision by which you can move it just by dragging. The wheels are attached to the base of the generator. You can easily lift a bit and drag to any place as you please.

4. GFCI protected outlets

One of the main problems associated with the generator is that they are unable to provide a stable power supply. If the power supply comes with repulses, it can damage your electrical devices. Devices such as smartphones and tablets are more sensitive to such issues. It can cost you a lot if you get caught in this problem. In order to avoid this mishap from happening with you, you can opt for the A-iPower 12000 Watt Generator. This generator has an outlet technology of GFCI protection, which helps in providing the stable power supply. With this generator, say bye to the unstable power supply and secure your gadgets and devices.

5. Push-button start

Handling the A-iPower SUA12000E Portable Generator has become quite easy with the help of push-button. Now you have to press a button, and your generator will start working. You can manually handle the generator with this feature. You will have control when to use the generator and when not to use it. Whenever you want to use the generator, you have to go near it and press the button. You have to take a little effort to reach near the generator. It may be difficult at night since there will be no light to view, but with the help of any light source, you can easily reach and start the generator as per your wish.

6. Engine

The engine is a core part of the generator, which is answerable to provide you electrical supply. Without this part, the generator is worthless. As per the requirement, you have to choose the generator wisely by observing the power of the engine. The engine should be powerful enough to supply all the devices of use. You cannot compromise while buying the generator with a low power engine. You have to be specific about where you want to use the generator. The A-iPower SUA12000E Inverter Generator has an engine of power of 459 cc. It is recommended to use this at offices. You can also use this generator for household purposes.

7. Running wattage

The running wattage of A-iPower SUA12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator is 9000 watts, and the starting wattage is 12000. It is sufficient to run a small office. It can also be used for household purposes, as well. You can have enough power for all your devices at your workplace as well as at your home.

8. Built-in DC plug

Most of the generators in the market are just used for providing electrical backup. You have to connect your devices to the regular plugs to perform other tasks. You have to connect the generator to the mainline and use the power. There is no provision of directly connecting any device and get the supply directly. But with the help of A-iPower Portable Generators Sua12000e, you can connect your device directly to the generator. There is the provision of built-in DC plugs. You can charge your battery or other devices with the help of DC plugs.



  • Manufacturer : A-iPower Corp
  • Item Model Number : SUA12000E
  • Product Dimension : 27 x 27 x 27 inches
  • Product Weight : 206 pounds
  • Power Source : Gas Powered
  • Type : Portable Generator
  • Colour : Red, Black
  • Surge Wattage : 12000 Watts
  • Running Wattage : 9000 Watts
  • Fuel Tank Size : 7 Gallon
  • Wheel Size : 9.5 Inch
  • Warranty : 1 Year



The serial number on A-iPower SUA12000E is present on the side of the generator.


No, A-iPower SUA12000E generator cannot run a 15 amp motor.


Yes, the A-iPower SUA12000E generator has an electric pull start.


The runtime provided by the A-iPower SUA12000E Gasoline Powered Generator at half-load is 9 hours.


No, you cannot use any fuel other than gas with the A-iPower SUA12000E Inverter Generator.


The size of the wheels that come with the A-iPower SUA12000E Inverter Generator is around 9 inches.


No, the A-iPower SUA12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator is not noiseless in operation.


Now that you have gone through to the specifications of the A-iPower SUA12000E Generator you must be well aware of what a heavy-duty gasoline-powered electric generator it is. People loved the way this generator could be used not only for home use but also for commercial purposes like running a restaurant, a construction site, or a business workplace. In case you are worried about charging your small devices such as laptops, mobile, tablet, you need to stop worrying about them as this A-iPower SUA12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator comes with DC adaptor plug that will allow you to charge your small devices safely. The capacity of this Best Electric Start Generator for Home is also very large which is 7 gallon and at a half load of its power, it can run for almost 9 hours. Although this A-iPower SUA12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator is not as light with as people expect generators to be but it can be easily moved around thanks to the wheels the manufacturers have provided with the machine. Also, to provide motor protection and safety, it has made sure that all the wires are concealed with a protective cover, which makes it not only more safe to be used but also gives the generator a very nice and clean appearance. One of the most reliable and secure to be used generator, this A-iPower 12,000-Watt Electric Start Generator, has undoubtedly made the lives of many of its customers, easy on a bad day.

A iPower SUA12000E-12000 Watt Gasoline Powered Generator image

The A-iPower SUA12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator in all our tests has proven itself standby what it has proclaimed. Designed with large wheels to provide the users in moving the generator over rough terrains, this A-iPower SUA12000E Inverter Generator is perfect to be used even in the outdoors. The only drawback to this A-iPower SUA12000E Generator is that I can make noise while operating and is very heavy in weight other than that the amount of runtime provided by this Best Emergency Generator that is more than enough to power a large house with more than three bedrooms.


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